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Deploying code to AWS

Incorporating security into your deployments

Using the AWS SDKs, APIs, and the AWS CLI

Refactoring for the cloud (design principles)

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

AWS for Developers Assessment Test: How it is structured and how it can help you hire your best candidate

With the wide range of AWS, having to assess any person’s competency in AWS as a developer is a significant step in your hiring process. The facet of this AWS competency was specifically structured to help understand the levels of knowledge of any person that can be considered for a role in a team that focuses on deploying applications to the AWS cloud.

By using this assessment test, you can gain insights to make a better hiring decision when it comes to hiring anyone who will be working with your projects based on the AWS cloud.

Which use cases can customers have for this test? / Who can users use the test?

Coding and DevOps teams gearing up to deploy applications to the AWS cloud need a strong understanding of what tools exist that can make them more effective and how they should be used in an efficient, effective, and secure way.

¿Qué áreas (capítulos) se cubrirán en la prueba y por qué se eligió de esa manera?

Deploying code to AWS
AWS has a robust set of tools for integrating your application code and DevOps cycles into Amazon resources. Understanding how code repos and language platforms are ideally used on AWS is essential to getting the greatest benefits from the Amazon cloud.

Incorporating security into your deployments
Applications may be easy to publish in the cloud, but if you don’t build in the right encryption, authentication, and roles, you may be opening yourself to a world of danger.

Using the AWS SDKs, APIs, and the AWS CLI
Everything in the AWS cloud works through its several APIs. You can access most of the APIs through the management console, but serious development and DevOps work will usually happen via the AWS CLI and language SDKs.

Refactoring for the cloud (design principles)
You can usually move a legacy, on-premises application into the cloud without too much trouble, but that’ll often mean you’re missing the real power the AWS cloud has to offer. You need to know how to build cloud-native applications.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Security considerations, regulatory compliance, or just plain admin good practices require that you maintain a solid ongoing view of what’s happening with your infrastructure. Knowing how to access and use Amazon’s monitoring tools will get you there.

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