Challenges of Finding Talent in a Niche Market

When you hear someone say interior design, you immediately think of designing a home or perhaps an office or a shop. It’s unlikely that you immediately think of interior design as a service for healthcare facilities, right?

But healthcare interior designing does exist and it’s called a niche profession. As with other niche fields, finding the right people for the roles available is quite challenging. If you’re looking for someone to provide you with healthcare interior design services, you want someone that does more than just the usual decorating. They should be a skilled professional with the needed certification, experience, and knowledge of regulations and codes. However, without performing a reliable career skills assessment, one can never be sure of a candidate’s knowledge and skills.

Healthcare interior design is not the only niche industry out there. And for each one of those fields, there are problems regarding talent-hunting that need to be addressed:

Problem #1: Niche Industries Typically Require Trainings and Certifications

In the case of the healthcare industry, it’s the same. The duties of a healthcare interior designer are quite different from those of a traditional designer. And the training and certification process is quite rigorous.

For example, in the case of a healthcare interior designer, you want someone that knows the difference between cabinets and walk-in-closets, or how to best apply safe work zones, how to use sterilization equipment, and how to best install hospital equipment.

Problem #2: Salaries and Benefits Are Quite Competitive

Most of the top talent in any industry is extremely hard to recruit. On top of this, healthcare professionals are in high-demand.

Treatments and procedures that can prolong life and improve quality of life are in high-demand. With such a high demand, salaries and benefits packages are also very competitive.

The salaries are also not the only competitive thing in the healthcare industry. If a hospital offers competitive salaries, they also have excellent benefits - competitive healthcare insurance, retirement plans, education assistance, free parking and more.

Problem #3: Talents Want Flexible Work Schedules

Because of the high demand and low supply of talent, people in this industry have a lot of options available. And with many open job opportunities and an increase in job hopping, flexibility is a must.

Talents working in this industry typically want a flexible work schedule. It’s not only about their family life or their personal goals or interests, but also their careers.

Problem #4: Difficult to Find an Employee that Will Remain Loyal to an Organization

A lot of the talent in this industry are considered to be nomads, working for one company then leaving to work for another organization.

The Solution

So how can you find the talents that will meet all your requirements? Doing candidate assessment tests is a good way to weed out people who will not be a good fit. 

The right talent will meet your requirements, will have excellent knowledge, will have the right qualities, skills, and qualifications.


As you can see, finding the right talent in a niche industry like healthcare or healthcare interior design is not an easy task, and problems may arise. Using assessment tests that are specifically developed for his friends can help better select the right talent.

Kandio is a platform that allows you to perform candidate assessment tests so you can find the best talents for your company. Our hiring tests are made by the top 0.1% globally and are sure to deliver great results. Get a demo today!

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